Oil and natural gas – two of the most largely-used energy sources in the world – have literally fueled the industrial and technological revolutions of the past century and continue to be vital elements today in nearly all facets of contemporary living. From powering our industries and factories, fueling our vehicles and homes, and providing the basic building blocks for everything from commonplace essentials all the way up to life-saving medical necessities, the role of oil and natural gas is – and will continue to be – undeniable and unmistaken.

The United States is a leading powerhouse when it comes to oil and natural gas production. Currently, the global demand for oil is almost 96 million barrels per day and that number will continue to surge in the coming decades. This outlook for growth in the oil and gas market is unquestionable and an investor’s ability to capitalize on that is proven. From an investor’s standpoint, there has never been a better time to invest in oil and natural gas than right now.